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Our specialists are independent and highly experienced in driveway sealing, concrete sealing and paver sealing.

Driveway and conrete sealing

Concrete slab surfaces including driveways, patios and porches easily stain and discolour. Typical concrete materials are plain concrete, coloured concrete, exposed aggregate, stamped concrete, pattern paving, stencil paving, spray pave and terrazzo. Several concrete sealing solutions are available, including film forming sealers, natural finish sealers, enhancing sealers and hybrid sealers.

Paver and brick sealing

Modern pavers are made of a wide range of masonry materials. Clay pavers (both pressed and fired/glazed), concrete pavers, reconstituted stone/concrete pavers, terracotta, natural stones all benefit from a carefully selected sealing solution.

Natural stone sealing

Natural stone materials have gathered popularity over the last few years. Sandstone, limestone, bluestone, granite, travertine and other natural stone substrates are often porous and need a premium grade sealer to offer protection. we offers comprehensive stone paver and tile sealing services.

Sealers for a Variety of Applications

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